Popcorn Balls for the Holidays

Too sweet and delicious to hang on a tree

Some popcorn balls are for sitting on a Christmas tree (or Hanukkah bush!), aging ungracefully. These popcorn balls are for eating. Yes, they will look pretty as holiday decorations. But you will have a hard time resisting their sweet, sticky allure.

Our three variations all start with the basic recipe and then go in different directions—they’re sweet-hot, sweet-savory, and sweet-noggy. We want you to make them, and enjoy them. But maybe you’d do things differently. Take our basic recipe and dress it up—what flavors do you want from a popcorn ball? And not just flavors: We expect to see candy mix-ins, a massive Guinness World Records–worthy ball, the face of the Virgin Mary, or even more far-fetched adaptations.

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