Mark Pierce, the wine director at San Francisco’s Maverick, is an expert on pairing wine with junk food. Food & Wine’s blog, Mouthing Off, challenged Pierce to choose pairings for some of their favorite “trashy snacks,” and they didn’t manage to stump him. Here’s a snippet of his expertise:

Classic Cheetos: Verdicchio Di Metallica

Why it works: Enough acidity to clean up the cheddar, and a mid-palate weight that married the intensity of the Cheetos. Ultimately, it was the only one of about 12 wines that did not taste awful, in that chemical way, after it chased the Cheetos.

Apparently, you can also pair Slim Jims with Lambrusco—which “goes great with all salty cured meats”—and the “waxy walnut quality” of a 10-year or older Saint-Joseph Blanc is the perfect match for Cracker Jacks.

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