After watching CHOW’s video on The Perfect Olive Oil I was a bit skeptical that Round Pond’s offerings were, in fact, the perfect citrus-flavored olive oils. Deciding to see for myself, I picked up two small bottles: Meyer lemon and blood orange. They were both superb on their own as well as drizzled over thinly sliced fennel. In the video, Round Pond’s Ryan MacDonnell stresses using the oil right after you open it to keep it from going rancid, so the next day I finished up the blood orange olive oil in our Olive Oil Cake—it was perfect. The Meyer lemon went a few days later, mixed into salad dressings, whipped into aioli, and spooned over roasted fish. Needless to say, my skepticism has subsided. And while perfect is a strong term, this stuff is pretty addictive.

Round Pond Citrus Olive Oils, $7 for a “mini” 50-milliliter bottle

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