One of my chuckles this week was reading the London Telegraph’s food blog (yes, it’s called the Slaughtered Lamb, got a problem with it?), where writer Sally Peck debates the recent decision by London mayor Boris Johnson to ban alcohol consumption on all city public transportation.

Yes, my American friends, the British are allowed to drink in public, on the Underground even. Or at least they were.

Peck is for the decision. “While our continental cousins seem to be able to handle drinking in public,” she writes, “we’re just not up for the job. Where they have a civilised picnic in a park, or sip (note SIP) a beer on a hot day, we insist on guzzling and then sprawling most unattractively on the pavement. It’s not safe, it’s not fun, and it frightens the tourists.”

The long string of comments makes for some amusing reading as well. My favorite (in addition to the stunned American who wrote: “You can drink alcohol on the tube?!!!”) was this one: “First smoking and now this. They’ll be trying to ban sex on the underground next.”

Ah, London, cheers to you. Just not on the Tube, apparently.

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