A story about a café in New Zealand that accidentally served a woman dishwashing liquid instead of mulled wine has been making the rounds on “news of the weird” lists, and it’s a doozy.

Customer Sarah Ferguson had ordered a glass of ‘Mountain Thunder’ mulled wine from Queenstown’s Old Man Rock Cafe, owned by Chico’s Restaurant Ltd.

She spat out the liquid when she experienced a burning sensation on her lips and mouth.

Cafe worker Bethany Sim offered to test the drink and suffered a similar reaction.

Turns out the dishwashing liquid was being stored in a container that used to hold the mulled wine—and still had the wine label on it. Recycling: good. Keeping the labels on: bad.

Both women were hospitalized, and Sim suffered burns and possible scarring of her throat.

Slashfood asked readers to share similar unfortunate mix-ups. Barbara writes:

I once was eating a meal that had ‘sauce’ and don’t ask me how, but somehow some liquid baby soap–lavender scented–spilled and as I was engrossed in reading something accidentally ‘licked’ the soap. I can honestly say it was the ∗worst∗ thing ever!

Jessica Gensmer offers a classic, writing, “A couple of weeks ago, when i had to wake up much earlier for work than normal, i was brushing my teeth and it tasted funny. i had used my husband’s hair styling glue as toothpaste!”

Unclejerry, however, has my favorite: “My mom once brewed some tea in a kettle that she normally ‘burned’ [potpourri] in. The tea smelt good but tasted awful.”


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