Create some memorable nibbles and swanky sips for a couture-caliber Oscars cocktail party, but keep it real too. Reality check: You are watching an awards show on TV. These recipe ideas wink at classic Hollywood and casual comfort. Frenchy cheese puffs, macarons, and orange truffles are kinda glamorous. But then nuts, hummus, and buffalo cauliflower are more couch-snacking worthy. While the stars sashay down the red carpet, sip one of our suggested sparkling cocktails.

Don’t forget to bring your Academy Awards knowledge A-game: go ahead and brush up on the Oscar wins of years past, debate over the most unexpected wins in Oscar history, or share a few of these 25 impressive Oscar facts to drop at whatever party you attend.

1. Buffalo Cauliflower

This party snack is like enjoying the benefits of a fancy Oscars gown without getting out of your sweatpants. You feel like you’re eating deep-fried buffalo wings, but the cauliflower reality is much less effort.

2. Black Pepper–Manchego Cheese Puffs

How do you make cheese even more heavenly? Make it like a fluffy cloud. These gougères—French-style cheese puffs—are livened up with Parmesan, Manchego, and pepper.

3. Red Pepper Hummus

Slightly spicy, slightly sweet, this dip combines the balance we all seek. It’s creamy yet healthy, and easy yet interesting.

4. Broiled Mussels with Sweet Paprika Aioli

If you want to class up your cocktail party, serve a silver platter of mussels. Seriously. These mussels are finished with parsley and a squeeze of lemon juice.

5. Roasted Rosemary Walnuts

A bowl of nuts gets schmancy when toasted and infused with rosemary flavor. Don’t even think of doing peanuts. So passé.

6. Olive-Parsley Dip with Crudités

Be just like the stars and keep your svelte silhouette. Use whatever fresh vegetables you please with this tangy herbed dip studded with olives. Just call them crudités and call it an award-winning day.

7. Funfetti Macarons

Macarons are a French fad that isn’t fading anytime soon. Maybe it’s because they’re so delicate and often gluten-free. And these are decorated like works of modern art.

8. French Macarons with Pomegranate Ganache

Luscious fresh pomegranate juice is swirled into semi-sweet chocolate, all melted and decadent within two airy almond paste sandwich ends. Ooh-la-la.

9. Orange Marmalade Truffles

Truffles are like the glittering diamonds you see sashaying the red carpet. They add glamour. These petite chocolates get triple the orange flavor from marmalade, liqueur, and zest.

10. The Academy Sparkler

Fizz is more festive than wine. So sip and toast the winners with this bubbly cocktail flavored with anise, bay leaf, and orange. Herby drinks are darling.

11. Pink Gin Fizz

We’d be remiss if we left out a gin fizz cocktail. This one coordinates with the red carpet, in that stay-within-the-same-color-grouping way. This is a refreshing gin cocktail.

Original story by Chowhound Food Team, updated by Amy Sowder

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