The Year in Food 2007

Dawn of the Vayniacs

Gary Vaynerchuk, impresario behind Wine Library TV, experiences wine with his entire face. Those elastic eyebrows, that stretchy mouth—viewers of his video blog not only hear his evocative, lengthy descriptions of the wine he’s tasting, but also experience the smells and flavors right along with his facial musculature. He’s built a passionate following (the “Vayniacs”) with his daily 20-minute forum complete with rambling digressions (often about sports) since launching the vlog in February 2006. The media caught up with his rabid fans this year, “discovering” Wine Library TV, and bringing Vaynerchuk into the media-expert fold. This spring, Vaynerchuk expanded into social networking (it’s all the rage, apparently), buying the wine-advice-sharing website Cork’d. And he decided that his opinions on wine weren’t the only thing of value: He started vlogging on issues like the Yankees and Microsoft. —Davina Baum

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