The Year in Food 2007

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Britain Unloves the Naked Chef

Backlash against British TV chef and healthy-food advocate Jamie Oliver reached a fever pitch in 2007, as a so-called meltdown of Britain’s school meals service occurred in reaction to Oliver’s outrageously nutritious lunches. Oliver—called a tosser, a wanker, and much worse by his critics—has insisted that fine-tuning of the program and the slow adaptation of children’s palates will eventually bring kids ’round to a healthier sort of school lunch. And if the schools stick to the program, not only will Turkey Twizzlers and chips be kept out of lunchrooms; junk food will be curbed from school vending machines. An even tougher set of healthy eating standards will be applied to primary-school meals in the UK in September 2008, and to secondary-school meals in September 2009. Can Oliver and healthy-food advocates continue standing tall against the Turkey Twizzler brigade? Stay tuned. —James Norton

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