Normally, I am ambivalent about competitive eating. And while I admire athletes in general, triathlons seem like an especially extreme form of exercise.

Still, I find myself unaccountably drawn to the upcoming DoughMan competition to be held May 24 in Durham, North Carolina.

It mixes a traditional triathlon—biking, swimming, running (all things I enjoy doing, but not on the same day)—with a competitive eating event, creating a “quadrathlon.” Details are still being hammered out, but according to the DoughMan organizers, the race will be a four-person team event, with each member of the team downing a treat from a different Durham restaurant. Woe betide the third racer on each team, who has to do the swimming leg after gobbling down a chili dog and hush puppies from a place called Luther’s.

Note from the rules: “Racers will not be allowed to continue onto the physical challenge until they have completed their eating challenge.” Race proceeds will go to SEEDS, a nonprofit that supports community garden programs.

Interestingly, this is not the first time those crazy North Carolinans have combined racing with eating. The DoughMan was inspired by the Krispy Kreme Challenge, in which racers had to run two miles, eat a dozen Krispy Kremes, and run another two miles. Then, presumably, lie down and try not to throw up.

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