Passover Seder is not like Thanksgiving. The shank bone, egg, parsley, horseradish, and salt water that are included on the traditional Seder Plate are there primarily for symbolic reasons, not because they’re especially tasty.

Brad Levy, chef-owner of Firefly Restaurant in San Francisco, has done his best to change this, cooking Passover Seder for his customers for the last 13 years. CHOW followed him through the process of making Gefilte Fish, the traditional ground, deboned fish patties that typically come from a jar. Originally gefilte fish was stuffed back into the skin of the deboned fish, then served in slices. That’s why it’s called gefilte, which means stuffed or filled in Yiddish.

Also, according to Jewish folklore, fish are believed to bestow certain beneficial qualities on the eater, like fertility.

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