Pack, Roll, Aim, Fire

How to eat a taco

  1. Top with the salsa of your choice.
  2. Bring ends of tortilla together and roll slightly as if you’re rolling a joint to pack
    the filling down in the middle.
  3. Pick up the taco by the folded-together ends and hold at a downward angle over
    the plate, so that any leakage falls there, not on you.
  4. Start eating from the upward end and work your way down, making sure to keep
    the taco angled toward the plate.
  5. Halfway through, squeeze the back end shut with your free hand to keep the
    filling from falling out.

Worst-case scenario: The bottom of the tortilla splits and dumps the taco’s contents into your lap. To prevent this, some taquerias use a double layer of tortillas. Purists pooh-pooh this concept.

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