Winter 2006 Gift Guide



GADGETS Do they actually make things easier? Sometimes. Are they techie and intriguing? Most definitely.

World's First Vacuum Decanter
Let your wine aerate in the decanter...
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The Teastick
Admit it: You buy loose tea, then never drink it because it's messier than teabags...
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25I Super Reflux Essential Extractor
This self-contained plug-in still is small enough...
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Bottle Opener/Fridge Magnet
No need to rifle through the gadget drawer...
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Drosselmeyer Nutcracker
Fresh walnuts are addictive, but who wants to go to...
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Grand Cru Trio
Fill out your wine collection with this set...
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S'mores Maker
We did this at camp without a machine...
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Virtual Bartender
Think leafing through a book...
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SoundDock Digital Music System
Add an iPod, and you've got...
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Napa Valley Wine Blending & Tasting Kit
The great Bordeaux winemakers do it...
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