Al Roker is best known for his gig as a weatherman on NBC’s Today show, but he also produces a number of TV shows, including the Food Network’s Heavyweights and Roker on the Road. Now his production company is casting a new Food Network series, and you just might be eligible to appear on it. Here’s an excerpt from the casting call, which was posted on Philadelphia food site

Do you know someone who has gone from being homeless to the owner of their own restaurant, makes pop art out of pineapples, or eats nothing but peanuts? Do you know someone who is battling food fears or phobias? Has food helped to cure an illness, changed the course of your life, or helped to inspire you in some dramatic way?

Inspired by this call to action, Ellen Slattery at Slashfood is brainstorming potential episodes: “I could give them several ideas (see: man who makes bubble gum sculptures, girl who eats nothing but french fries…),” she writes.

And don’t forget the artist who makes giant sculptures out of ramen noodles.

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