Our first course pairs the Savory Onion and Leek Tart and the Butter Lettuce and Pumpkin Seed Salad. There’s heavy fork-lifting required later in the meal; this is a lighter start—but not so light as to make the next course a shock. The rich tart, with its crème fraîche filling and buttery crust, is a good partner with the salad. A crisp pilsner like Czechvar provides a subtle flavor of hops, which suits these dishes well. Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout is the contrasting beer. A British stout, this beer is mellower than its Irish counterparts. There is an almost malty sweetness to it that contrasts with the tartness of the salad’s vinaigrette.


Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout

Butter Lettuce and
Pumpkin Seed Salad

The roasted garlic and apple juice in the vinaigrette add dimension to this simple salad.

Savory Onion and Leek Tart
Bacon and herbs give this rustic Germanic dish even more flavor.

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