Beef brisket is a large cut that benefits from long, slow cooking, which makes it very tender. Braising with a bit of liquid in the oven is a popular cooking method.

Oven-braised brisket is a traditional dish on many Jewish holiday tables. A couple of hounds recommend a Gourmet magazine recipe called My Mother’s Brisket. “It’s amazing how much flavor you can get out of so few ingredients,” says rockycat. “Really easy recipe, really great results. It’s our holiday go-to recipe.” rockycat recommends taking more time than indicated to caramelize the onions well, noting, “This is where all your great flavor comes from.”

BubblyOne is a fan of this brisket with Burgundy orange sauce. “I like the fact that this is better if you make it the day before, which leaves me more time to concentrate on the sides if I’m having company,” she says. toveggiegirl likes sweet-and-sour brisket with dried apricots, prunes, and aromatic spices. “It sounds a little odd,” she says, “but the flavours come together so well.”

For something with the spicing of barbecued brisket, shanagain swears by this recipe. “Being in Texas, I’m super picky about brisket, and oven brisket always lacks,” she says, “but this is SO good and SO easy.”

Another option with spice is CHOW’s Braised Brisket with Beans and Ancho Chile.


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