I never thought that Evert-Fresh Green Bags were a legitimate product since their website mentions “AS SEEN ON TV!” and they are advertised through a cheesy infomercial. But that changed recently, when friends sent me home with some of their hand-grown produce in one of these green-colored bags.

According to the Evert-Fresh website, the bags are treated with “natural minerals” to absorb damaging gases like ammonia, ethylene, and carbon dioxide that fruits and vegetables release as they ripen. The site also says that the bags help control moisture. After reusing mine a few times, I can honestly say that it keeps my lettuces and leafy vegetables fresher much longer than grocery store plastic bags. Some of the claims seem a little far-fetched (who would want to eat 30-day-old produce anyways?), but for keeping greens brighter and less wilty, these do a nice job over the course of a week.

Evert-Fresh Green Bags, $9.95

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