Buff Wings’ pride and joy may be their homemade hot sauce. They have two kinds: “Ridiculous,” made from fresh habaneros, and “Ludacris,” made from ghost peppers. “The Ridiculous had a nice kick to it and that sweet-fruity taste that habaneros impart,” says WildSwede. The wings themselves are nice and meaty.

Possibly even better: the Ghetto Dog, a Hebrew National hot dog wrapped in bacon and covered in grilled peppers, onions, and condiments. It is a fantastic, fantastic dog, says WildSwede.

Ian, the proprietor, is “very serious about the integrity of his products,” says WildSwede. He makes almost all his sauces himself. He makes waffle batter from scratch. “We spoke at length about the ghost peppers and he said he had tried using extract amongst other versions, but he said he really likes the flavor of the sauce from the fresh ones and prefers that. Gotta give him credit,” says WildSwede.

Buff Wings [Eagle Rock]
4411 Eagle Rock Boulevard, Los Angeles

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