Anyone with a bit of patience and the right recipe can make a tasty cookie; it takes brains to make a smart cookie. The three Milano sisters of Big Girl Baking are putting out some wicked interesting edibles via their friendly neighborhood bakery and the Internet.

The Bronxville, New York–based bakery walks the line between sweet and savory. Sablés du chocolate are shortbreadlike chocolate cookies spiked with salt; the interplay is both tasty and compelling. Sweet sesame polenta biscuits are mildly sugary biscottilike cookies with a strong sesame bite and a wonderfully delicate buttery, crumble-in-your mouth texture—again, they’re pleasantly restrained. Both these offerings are for locals only, sold in-house but not online. The “Very Gingery Snaps,” which are available on the website, taste almost underbaked in the best possible sense of the word: They have a velvety texture that plays nicely with the cookie’s snappy spice flavor.

Big Girl Cookies, $8.50–$9 for a 1/2 pound

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