Café Zitouna serves Tunisian food, which is sort of like Moroccan, but lighter, and with brighter flavors, explains Melanie Wong. “The housemade harissa is very spicy and complex,” she says. “I like the homemake-ish style and prices are quite low for what you get, so there’s excellent value to be found here.”

The b’stilla is freshly made, and excellent, says Dave MP. This appetizer is a savory phyllo pastry filled with meat, scrambled eggs, almonds, and topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon. It costs $7.95, and is large enough for three to share.

The white bean stew with merguez sausage is also good, comforting, and flavorful, continues Dave MP, as is the salmon tagine, a daily special with fresh, properly cooked fish. The mint tea tastes very fresh too.

You can get most dishes all day long, but there’s one dish that’s only available at breakfast: lablaby. It’s popular, and sells out early, reports Melanie Wong.

The place used to be called Café Ya Bon; with the name change comes a new full kitchen and a much bigger menu. The vibe is a lot nicer now, too.

Café Zitouna [Polk Gulch]
1201 Sutter Street, San Francisco

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