At Just Won Ton, the char siu wonton ($5.75) is a bowl of “10 wontons, a generous pile of char siu, and four stalks of bok choy in a subtle, star-anise infused broth,” says Xiao Yang. “Each wonton held a whole fresh-tasting shrimp and some ground pork and other savory matter, and the char siu was lean. I’d guess there was no MSG in the broth. The bok choy was fresh. All in all a satisfying mid-afternoon light meal.”

“And the fried wontons’ wrappers are so thin they are actually translucent … and not at all greasy!” says ChowFun_derek. Meanwhile, Windy loves “the weird spicy pickled things on the table, whatever they are.”

Also, contrary to what its name might suggest, this place doesn’t serve only wontons, says Xiao Yang. It has chow mein, chow fun, shui jiao in soup, pot stickers, and some rice dishes, too.

Just Won Ton [Sunset]
1241 Vicente Street, San Francisco

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