Cookbook author Barbara Kafka has an enviable problem: too many sweets. It’s too many dessert recipes, actually, collected and created for cooking projects over the years. Kafka does “big,” definitive books—Soup: A Way of Life; Roasting: A Simple Art—but she’s never done a book on desserts. So what’s a cookbook author to do with a dessert recipe collection wasting away in the files?

If it’s the year 2008, she posts them online, at the Cookthink site. The members of the Cookthink team are self-confessed “Kafka devotees,” and have set up an ongoing Barbara Kafka Dessert Anthology feature. Each Tuesday Kafka will put up a post with several recipes sharing a similar theme.

The anthology is only two weeks in, but already Kafka has delved the depths of chocolate and explored some dessert options for early spring. It will be interesting to see what she comes up with next week.

Because too many dessert recipes can only be a good thing.

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