takadi thinks soy sauces are akin to fine wine, and should be treated as such. He’s been tasting some high-quality, artisan, traditionally made soy sauces, including some that are unpasteurized or have been aged for years in oak barrels.

He likes Mitoku’s Johsen Organic Shoyu, which has toasty flavors of chocolate and coffee. “Something about it reminds me much of a nice dark beer,” says takadi. Mitoku also produces an unpasteurized soy sauce called Sakurazawa Yuuki. “Sakurazawa is basically the essence of umami,” says takadi. “It has an incredibly sweet aroma and flavor and is very subtle on the salt.”

FoodFuser is a fan of Miso Master Organic Miso Tamari, a type of traditionally brewed Japanese soy sauce. It’s expensive but delicious, to be reserved just for drizzling.

To experience the full flavor of special soy sauce, takadi tastes it with tamago kake gohan, “which is basically just plain rice, raw egg, and soy sauce,” takadi explains. “Man is it heaven.”

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