Is your bagel too giant, chewy, bready, and full of carbohydrates? Do you just want the crispy toasted “skin” of the bagel and not much more? Some folks, like Real Housewife and Skinnygirl Bethenny Frankel, make a practice of scooping out the inside of the bagel and throwing out the insides to focus on the crust. The practice of scooping “makes perfect sense to me,” says nooyawka. “I’ve never been a fan/connoisseur of bagels precisely because I don’t enjoy the chewy, bready, doughy texture. I like to toast it to give it crunch. A LOT of New Yorkers apparently love precisely the chewy/doughy characteristic and are almost violently against scooping.”

“Before the emergence of the H&H big puffy oversized bagel, there was no need to scoop a regular NYC boiled bagel,” says ospreycove. “Now with the ‘creatures’ that are called bagels, i.e. chocolate chip, french toast, sun-dried tomato, apple cinnamon, ham & cheese, blueberry, etc. etc. I would think one would want to get as much of that dreck-laden dough out of the middle [as possible]. Call me a traditionalist, but give me a poppy seed or fresh, hours out of the oven plain bagel any day.” “I think all the flavor is in the crust and flavorings, so I think scoopers are turning bagels into a better calorie bargain and avoiding hundreds of worthless calories and carbs,” says mcf. “I’d scoop even if I weren’t diabetic.”

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