Whilst traipsing about on a trip to Newburyport that sounds really quite delightful (“charming shops and restaurants,” burbles C2A), C2A was lucky enough to stumble upon the even more charming Loretta. Only open for six months, Loretta has settled comfortably into its spot and gives off a soothing vibe for the tourists and locals who eat there. C2A was particularly taken by the bar, which featured a jar of pineapple slices steeping in vodka. The pineapple martini takes that emerge from said jar are “UNBELIEVABLE.” Have one with guacamole, Vietnamese rolls, or the Caprese salad, says C2A.

Next, a soup dish is in order, as soups and chowders are the house specialties. C2A calls the lobster bisque “terrific.” A scallop special with “amazing” mashed potatoes was only $9.95; C2A also recommends the grilled pizza with portobellos and chèvre, and burgers with “crispy rustic fries.” Prices are on the shockingly reasonable side: A side of fries is $3.50; a cup of soup just $2.95.

Turns out that the chef at Loretta was once the chef for a late, lamented restaurant named Raspberries in Andover. “[B]roke my heart when it closed,” sighs corduroy.

Loretta [Merrimack Valley]
27 State Street, Newburyport

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