Santa Barbara, a new Mexican bakery, makes great breads for tortas and cemitas, and great chow to fill them with, Flaco reports. A double tostada with tinga (stewed meat) and Oaxacan cheese, topped with lettuce, radish, and cucumber, “sure hit the spot and served with rice set me back an entire 5 bucks.”

On Staten Island’s opposite shore, sopes sound like a smart order at La Canasta. The chicken version rocks, Flaco says: meat, queso fresco, crema, and lettuce atop a thinner-than-usual masa base. Salsas—red, green, salsa cruda—are fresh and first-rate.

Santa Barbara [Staten Island]
247 Jewett Avenue (at Post Avenue), Staten Island

La Canasta [Staten Island]
272 Sand Lane (near Olympia Boulevard), Staten Island

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