What does a Texan far from home do when spring comes around? She hosts a crawfish boil! Never mind that she lives in a “tiny New York apartment,” Lisa—the blogger better known as Homesick Texan—took the plunge last weekend and celebrated the way they do in parts of the South: with 20 pounds of live Louisiana crawfish.

She’s shared some lessons learned on her blog. Some of these are not issues you normally encounter with a backyard crawfish boil down South, but we Yankee urbanites need to be prepared. Heed Lisa’s advice:

When your live crawfish arrive at the office, resist the pleadings of your colleagues to open the cooler and pull out a couple for races. This can only lead to trouble, especially if they’re fast and like to hide (the crawfish, not your colleagues).

For those aspiring crawfish boil hosts, here’s how to cook them and how to eat them.

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