Plenty of places that used to offer unrestricted free WiFi have stopped doing it, burned by customers who’d come in, order a small cup of coffee, and then hog a table for the next five hours. Here’s the best of what’s left:

• Wired Puppy bakes muffins all day, according to BostonZest.

• Mike and Pattys has wonderful WiFi’d breakfast and lunch but isn’t a great place to hang for hours on end, says MC Slim JB.

• MC Slim JB is also fond of Uptown Espresso, which has a “great solarium and rear deck,” and of Sonsie: “sunny, sleepy, good coffee drinks and pastries, none of the usual crowds.”

psora likes the In House Cafe, which has just expanded into the spot next door, upping the chance of a table being available. It has a “small selection of baked goods and sandwiches but includes some good things.” psora likes the veggie wrap with hummus and Sriracha.

Wired Puppy [Back Bay]
250 Newbury Street, Boston

Mike and Pattys [Bay Village/South Cove]
12 Church Street, Boston

Uptown Espresso [South End]
563 Columbus Avenue, Boston

Sonsie [Back Bay]
327 Newbury Street, Boston

In House Cafe [Allston]
194 Harvard Avenue, Boston

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