Move over, Honeycrisp and SweeTango. A new UK apple variety known as the Redlove Era is promising to revolutionize the visual aesthetics of the fruit. Eric Steinman, writing at, notes:

“Unlike the white flesh you may have grown accustomed to, the Redlove Era has a sort of reddish-pink marbled flesh.”

The accompanying photo is dramatic, and arguably shocking. That’s no apple slice! And yet, there it is in all its red and pink and white glory, hanging out next to where it was chopped out from the apple.

The Redlove Era (not set to hit the U.S. for another year plus) is reputedly higher in antioxidants than its kin, doesn’t brown after being sliced, and is dang tasty.

Could blue apples be next?

No, probably not.

Image source: Flickr member striatic under Creative Commons

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