The burning question at Question Mark Café is just what sort of food you’ll find there. This mostly takeout spot in the East Village got some attention not long ago for a Serbian-style hamburger. Since it changed hands in June, the flavor of the month has been Indian. And really good Indian, says bigjeff, who loved the chicken keema and thick, creamy dal. Even the rice was a standout, uncommonly moist and flavorful.

jeff declares this “some of the cleanest, freshest, simplest and healthiest Indian food I’ve had in a long time”—a step below Queens’s best, perhaps, but way above the underachievers on nearby Sixth Street. As for that Serbian burger, it apparently didn’t survive the ownership change, but the deli sandwiches and Middle Eastern dishes did.

Question Mark Café [East Village]
135 First Avenue (near St. Marks Place), Manhattan

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