French by Way of Africa in Carroll Gardens

The owners of Bouillabaisse 126 switched things up in fall, renaming their restaurant Korhogo 126 and replacing its French menu with an African-inspired one. Many hounds approve.

“When you walk into the restaurant, the aromas are wonderful, a good sign. The food did not disappoint,” writes soupcommie, who found fresh seafood and sauces layered with flavor. Vegetable mafe au soumbala, a peanut stew with okra and eggplant, hits the mark, perstephanie says, and is served over a nice quinoa pilaf. Grilled prawns (pili pili) are plump, juicy, and nicely spiced, bobjbkln reports. And David B recommends steak tartare and scallops.

Korhogo [Carroll Gardens]
126 Union Street (between Columbia and Hicks streets), Brooklyn

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Korhogo 126

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