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Crazy Doughnut Smackdown

We thought we were really hip to doughnut development, having eaten extensively at San Francisco’s Dynamo Donut. How could NY’s Doughnut Plant even remotely compete? Turns out, we didn’t know doughnuts from a hole in the wall.

Located in a Lower East Side strip mall of sorts, Doughnut Plant has a healthy slate of flavors that change every month and a half. They also have homemade chai, hot or iced. We ate a yeasted strawberry jam-filled and a blueberry cakey doughnut.

Doughnut Plant excels at really satisfying, old-school texture. The jelly-filled was coated in a vanilla icing that tasted as if it was made from real vanilla bean, and slightly crunched when you bit through it, leaving flaky sugar all over your mouth in an embarrassing way. The dough was nice and chewy, striking the right balance between insubstantially airy and too dense and popover-esque. The homemade strawberry jam inside was tasty, but not aggressively rustic. No chunks fell out to distract from an uncontroversial jelly-filled experience.

The blueberry doughnut wasn’t too dense either, but springy, with a nice crumb. The blueberry flavor was subtle, but there were little nubs of actual blueberry in the purplish glaze on top.

Doughnut Plant, despite the unusual flavors (which included, on the day we visited, lavender and dulce de leche) really seems to be going for a better spin on the doughnuts you remember from childhood. The flavors aren’t too in-your-face-intense. You could take somebody here, blindfolded, without telling them this was a food blogger haunt, and they’d think they were just eating a really good doughnut at some normal place. You would never be able to say that about Dynamo, where the doughnut is merely a vehicle for the novel flavors, and sometimes crosses the line (we realize now) into this-is-no-longer-really-a-doughnut territory.