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Novelty Ice Cream at Scoops

Scoops, near Los Angeles City College, gets raves on Chowhound (“We got an ice cream revolution goin’ on here!” said J.L. when we asked for recommendations) for its experimental flavors of melty-soft gelato. Located on a young-person-oriented strip next to a vintage sunglasses store, its interior was dim and nondescript. But the case full of creamy, pastel flavors was where it got exciting. I tried toasted rice, which tasted intensely roasty and cereal-y; nondairy maple coffee, which was good but not exceptional; and red wine cheesecake, a surprisingly delicious combination that delivered a wine-y zing with a comforting sweet, fatty dairy base.

Scoops’ flavors change frequently, but the one it’s most well known for, brown bread, is always on offer. I got a scoop of it: It’s so soft it had to go in a cup, not a cone. The malty-vanilla base was very sweet and smooth, and mixed throughout were what appeared to be Grape-Nuts. I think part of the popularity of places like Scoops and San Francisco’s Humphry Slocombe is that people just want to see what they’ll come up with next. Because although brown bread and red wine cheesecake were good, I’ll bet there are a lot of people who, like me, would take a good peanut-butter-chocolate or anything with a ribbon of caramel in it over a novelty flavor any day.