Westchester County’s best Mexican chow, most agree, can be found in Port Chester and New Rochelle. But White Plains also belongs in the conversation, insists taco tracker adamclyde.

A clear go-to spot has emerged. “I’m totally in love with Sunshine Deli. I mean, totally in love,” adam confesses. If tacos with cochinita pibil (pork shoulder, rubbed with achiote paste and roasted in banana leaves) are available, he advises, “DEFINITELY get them. Awesome.” Other good bets among taco fillings, adam and other hounds say, are griddled bistek, carnitas (roast pork), and al pastor (chile-marinated spit-roasted pork).

Beyond tacos, adam recommends two relative rarities: huitlacoche quesadillas (slightly crisp outside, cheesy and mushroomy inside) and Oaxaca-style tamales (seasoned meat and masa, steamed in banana leaves to a soft, almost spoonable texture). He also says don’t miss the house salsa, a great, smoky, complex chipotle sauce that goes well with everything.

A notch below Sunshine Deli, but also quite good, is Mexico Lindo, adam reports. Try tacos with al pastor or albondigas in chipotle sauce.

And mrgaga loves the relatively upscale Sunset Grille for its fish tacos, made with crispy snapper and seasoned with pico de gallo and chipotle dressing—“I am completely hooked. … I think they are superb.”

Sunshine Deli, a.k.a. La Picara [Westchester County]
31 Lake Street (near Eastview Avenue), White Plains, NY

Mexico Lindo [Westchester County]
98 E. Post Road (near Grand Street), White Plains, NY

Sunset Grille [Westchester County]
68 Gedney Way (between Mamaroneck Avenue and Old Mamaroneck Road), White Plains, NY

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