North Shore residents are no longer to be pitied for their lack of good grub, says opinionatedchef, not now that Sixty2 on Wharf is packing ’em in with elegant yet affordable Mediterranean/Southern European food.

The space is “casual but not bare bones,” says opinionatedchef, with cushioned chairs and banquettes and candlelit tables. The four-course prix fixe for $28 has to be one of the best bargains around: “An hour further south in bustling Boston, this meal would easily have been $58,” opines opinionatedchef. Sixty2 also offers a selection of “sputini,” or little bites, for $6 a throw (“easily as big as their $10-$15 Boston counterparts”), or five for $25.

One little bite, chickpea fritters, laid the whole table out: “These are not the boring one-note chickpea fritters I have had elsewhere,” says opinionatedchef. “These batons are made with chickpea flour cooked down with milk; chopped cooked chickpeas, sweated onions, and spices that chirp ‘cumin’ in my grinning mouth. They’re served with a date compote and they have me thinking a lot of Indian pakoras and their tamarind-date sweet sauce (but better).” Another standout was the “beautifully tender” house-made ravioli with “noteworthy” ricotta and Parmesan tossed with mint, fresh peas, artichoke hearts, and more Parmesan. “Actual house-prepared baby artichoke hearts, too; all for only $11 for a filling half portion!”

Desserts are made in-house by the “Hollywood-handsome, friendly, exuberant chef.” Try the panna cotta with lemon and blueberries and the toffee cake.

Sixty2 on Wharf [North Shore]
62 Wharf Street, Salem

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Best Chow on the North Shore. Period.

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