When seeking tender ravioli with delightful fillings, the hounds have some go-to spots and dishes.

pollystyrene says the best ravioli she’s ever had were wild mushroom at Mamma Maria.

barleywino’s fave is Sorellina. Try the veal and liver ravioli in Marsala sauce, or the quail egg ravioli with pancetta and caramelized onions.

• The menu at Prezza is loaded with hound craving triggers. hotoynoodle says that the poached egg ravioli is haunting, while phatchris speaks up for the sweet corn with rock shrimp.

• Pizzeria Posto’s crab ravioli in sweet pea brodo is “heaven,” pocketgarden says simply.

Mamma Maria Restaurant [North End]
3 North Square, Boston

Sorellina [Back Bay]
1 Huntington Avenue, Boston

Prezza [North End]
24 Fleet Street, Boston

Pizzeria Posto [North of Boston]
187 Elm Street, Somerville

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