A nice little Consumer Reports rundown on using coupons to save at the grocery store introduced me to the concept of “stacking,” or using two coupons for one product at the same time. What you do, see, is you save a manufacturer’s coupon until you see a coupon for the same product at a store in which you shop. Use both coupons and save big!

Oh, I hear what you’re saying. “But I only shop at hoity-toity fancy-lad gourmet stores. There are no ads in the Sunday circular for the brands I buy!” Oh, how shortsighted you are, shopping friend. Upscale brands often offer coupons on their websites, like the printable coupons for Fage yogurt, Cascadian Farm, and Santa Cruz Organic. Tons of other companies (Kashi, Mi-Del, Muir Glen) send special offers to fans who join their tomato club or what have you. And stores themselves, whether they be tiny neighborhood jobbies or great big chains like Whole Foods, offer their own coupons online.

Image source: Flickr member dmdonahoo under Creative Commons

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