Appearing on Conan a couple of years ago, Matthew McConaughey revealed that his brother’s son is named Miller Lyte, after the beer, natch.

Now, sources say, McConaughey wants to name his forthcoming child after his favorite beverage, too. But since Miller Lyte has already been taken, we’re wondering what name he might go for. Kirin McConaughey? Racer X McConaughey? Fat Tire McConaughey? Corona McConaughey (this could be good if it’s a girl)? Sled Crasher McConaughey? If you were going to name your baby after a beer, what would you choose?

Does McConaughey’s partner, Camila Alves, agree with his beer-name scheme? The gossip pages say no, but “It’d be a lot cooler if she did …”

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