What’s an aspiring food blogger to do when she’s a student and stuck eating in the college cafeteria? Blog the dining hall, of course. Campus Eats is exactly what it claims to be: a new blog chronicling daily life in food service (there’s even a poll asking if you too were forced to participate in your college meal plan—so far everyone says yes).

The blog, which just started this month, is a bittersweet dose of nostalgia for any of us with college a decent distance in our past: oh, those plastic trays! And wow, my school had the same monster-size cups filled with milk or soda from the drink dispenser. Taco night? Yep, I remember that.

And apparently all college dining halls seem to excel at making fried products:

I will confess this: the french fries here are amazing. Seriously, perfect. I have to sternly order myself not to wander over to the sandwich section every day because I would eat these fries every chance I got. And I’m not even a big fry fan! They are crispy yet that perfect kind of limp, and when they are hot and salted they are heaven in 300 calories. Yum.

I think those very same fries may have been responsible for my freshman 15. But dang, they were good.

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