CocoDan has a policy of never going to a new restaurant for a few months in order to give the kinks time to work themselves out. But he just so happened to be at Port 305 during the first hour it was open, and he declares that “this place is hot, and will be the haunt of choice for those that can’t stay away from the waterfront.”

Port 305 is owned by Kristie Henriksen of Siros and has a similar vibe: resorty, upscale, black-and-white, a big bar with incredible views of the water, covered outdoor seating.

The menu has an American comfort food vibe: tuna melt, mac ‘n’ cheese, chicken wings, steak. Dan’s party had the fried clams with french fries and an Asian-influenced coleslaw, and lobster sliders with barbecued baked beans.

“I definitely recommend it, but get there soon before the summer crowds discover it,” says Pegmeister.

Port 305 [South Shore]
305 Victory Street, Quincy

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