If you can get hard, green bananas—without a hint of yellow—they have many tasty uses in Puerto Rican cooking. Echotraveler says green bananas are used in alcapurria, a meat-filled fritter that also uses the tuber yautia. They can also simply be boiled to make a dish called guineitos hervidos that’s “so nice.”

Plantains, distinct from green bananas, have other uses, explains Echotraveler. They can be mashed into bollitas de plátano, puréed plantain that can be pressed into dumplings and is “great for soups!” Plantains are also used to make tostones. Simply slice the plantains one inch thick, soak them in salted water, fry them, give them another salt-water soak, and then fry again. Be careful, says Echotraveler; “you guys know what happens with salt water and very very hot oil…”

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