I’m enjoying knocking around food.alltop.com, and it’s not because this very blog is the first item on the list. Food.alltop.com and the rest of Alltop is like the mid-’90s Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web—that little list now known as Yahoo!—where a bunch of “top” sites in categories like fashion, news, or gadgets are listed together. Or, as Alltop describes itself: It’s a “table of contents” of the Web.

“The sites are chosen by searching for news coverage of a topic, reviewing the sources, the feedback of a great community on Twitter, plus my friends,” says founder Guy Kawasaki. Like Popurls, it’s an aggregator. So under food, you’ll find (in addition to CHOW) headlines from some of our favorites—101 Cookbooks, Eater, Smitten Kitchen—and a few new to me, like the Singapore-based Dimsumdolly and Nothing Could Be Finer than Being in Your Diner.

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