Marshall’s Farm, a honey producer just outside of Napa, California, makes my go-to honey, an affordable and smooth one called S.F. Bay Area Beekeeper’s Blend. It’s not as obtrusive as, say, a tupelo or fireweed honey, it’s just a nice medium-spicy but subtle honey that goes well with a variety of foods. But when I was picking up a few jars of the Beekeeper’s Blend at the farmers’ market the other day, the honey merchant gave me a little spoonful of a new variety: Honey-So-Fresh. It’s guaranteed to be no more than a week out of the hive when shipped to you (or presented on a spoon by a cheerful apiarist at a farmers’ market). You can taste that freshness, a floral, buzzy, ethereal party on your tongue. And you should.

Honey-So-Fresh, $10

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