There are many things that terrify me about the idea of having children, but high on the list (right behind orthodontia bills and having to sew Halloween costumes) is the daily challenge of packing a lunchbox full of food that is healthy and tasty enough to pass muster among the peewee set. Inventive sites like Vegan Lunch Box and the whole crazy bento phenomenon only make things worse. Talk about upping the stakes.

But Rebekah Denn at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has some down-to-earth advice and suggestions for lunchbox fare that is beyond PB&J but stops short of carving cherry blossoms out of carrots and molding rice into anime characters. The title to her article says it all: “Packing a Healthful Lunch for Your Child Can Be a Daunting Experiment.” I liked her suggestions for things like rice paper wraps and make-your-own burritos.

Of course, I might just stick to raising dogs. They never complain about what you give them for lunch.

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