There has been some serious inflation lately in the race for the Guinness World Record title of World’s Largest Commercially Available Burger. Way back in 2005, the largest burger a carnivore could buy off a menu was the 15-pounder at Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. Cost? $30.

In May 2006, however, Fuddruckers in the Foxwoods casino in Ledyard, Connecticut, rolled out a 29.6-pound burger. Twice as much burger, however, would inexplicably cost you more than eight times the money: $250. Bob’s BBQ & Grill in Pattaya, Thailand, topped that in December 2007, when it introduced a 78.5-pound monster, priced at $400.

Now, Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar in Southgate, Michigan, has upped the odds: On Saturday, the bar introduced a 134-pound hamburger that may break the Guinness record, and warmed many a patron’s heart: “‘Whoa, that’s a big burger,’ said Marvetta Howard, 51, of Detroit, who had a seat near the kitchen.”

Mallie’s has added the 134-pounder to its menu, alongside its 6- and 12-pound hamburgers. And compared to Bob’s BBQ, it’s a steal: just $350, including fries and pop.

What is it about hamburgers that kindles this desire for enormity? Nobody ever tries to make a gigantic french fry.

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