Cajun boudin is a type of sausage traditionally made from a mixture of pork, rice, and seasonings, and it’s “one of my all-time favorite comfort foods,” says degustateur. “Cajun boudin is not readily found outside of Louisiana, its home state. Red boudin”—that is, boudin made with fresh pork blood—”is all but nonexistent, save for a very few sources.”

That said, degustateur has had great success in getting Cajun boudin shipped fresh from Louisiana. In fact, the UPS store in Fayetteville, Louisiana, “will go to the source(s) and procure your boudin for you,” says degustateur. Degustateur’s favorite boudin—both red and white varieties—has come from Babineaux’s Slaughter House & Meat Market in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. “Babineaux’s boudin recipe follows age-old traditions and uses the various parts of the hog, including the head (temple, jowl), belly and liver, not just the butt or shoulder as many other current-day makers’ recipes do,” says degustateur. “This results in a very complex, deep, richly flavored umami unfamiliar to many people. Theirs is real, old-school boudin as it was meant to be.”

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