Last night, I was poking around my fridge in the hopes of being able to whip up something using what I already had, but dinner looked bleak: a block of tofu, half a lemon, mustard, a carton of plain yogurt, and olives soaked in vermouth. Don’t judge.

After brainstorming (Drunken tofu? Mediterranean tofu burgers?) I caved and went to the store, returning with some chicken breasts and makings for a marinade. Suffice it to say, most of my ingredients stayed where they had been, cold, lonely, unloved. If only I had used Supercook!

This new website allows you to search recipes from all over the web: you plug in ingredients you have on hand, and it suggests recipes you can make using those ingredients and, if necessary, a few more you need to buy. Some of the recipes it spit out for me weren’t the most delectable-sounding (“baked to-fishy” and “tofu mayonnaise”), and some were downright weird and definitely in the wrong category (“Cappaccino Nog,” which calls for tofu, low-fat cappuccino yogurt, and So Nice brand vanilla flavored soy beverage, was listed as an entree) but Supercook certainly gave me some ideas, the biggest being: stock my fridge better!

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