The Hump often pops up on best-sushi-restaurant lists, and The Oracle’s review definitely makes it sound deserving.

Let’s skip over the melt-in-your-mouth nigiri for a sec and go to the live sweet shrimp. Yes, many sushi restaurants have sweet shrimp, and you figure it was alive pretty recently because the sweet white flesh is nice and gooey. But at the Hump, they’re actually pulled, flopping madly, from a tank and their heads whacked off (to be deep-fried separately). It doesn’t get any fresher than that.

For the rest of the sushi, albacore is like butter, yellowtail dabbed with just the right amount of wasabi. Everything is presented strikingly, with just the right accompaniments.

Service is on top of its game, pleasant and efficient, and the airport location can’t be beat. The room itself isn’t the most romantic, but it has nice clean lines and for once you don’t have a glass case to peer over if you’re sitting at the sushi bar.

The prices, though, can kill you. Although two can eat well (non-omakase) for $200 after tax (including $60 of sake), one couple was spotted with a bill of $660. JL says that with four people, $1,000+ meals are all too possible. Caveat emptor…

The Hump [Beaches]
3221 Donald Douglas Loop S., Dewey, Santa Monica

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