Pepsi has come up with a new soft drink, but initially, Pepsi Raw will only be launched in the UK. The London Times reports:

Pepsi claims the new drink is made from natural ingredients and contains no artificial preservatives, colours, flavourings or sweeteners and that by replacing corn syrup with cane sugar, it has managed to reduce the calorie content of a 300ml bottle from around 120 calories to around 90 calories.

The drink [includes] apple extract, plain caramel colouring, coffee leaf, tantaric acid from grapes, gum arabic from acacia trees, cane sugar and sparkling water. It is paler in colour and less fizzy than other cola brands.

Pepsi hopes that the new soda will pose some competition for its soft drink rival, Coca-Cola, but as trend-spotting site PSFK notes, the “raw” drink might be a bigger rival to the natural soda company Jones Soda. PSFK also mentions that the new beverage will be launched in bars and clubs—which is a bit strange, since people pounding cocktails probably aren’t all that concerned about the healthy properties of their mixers.

You can check out Pepsi Raw’s sleek and sexy packaging on the food, drink, and design blog Kitsune Noir, which also features some advertising photos of Pepsi models au naturel.

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