Shrimp are almost universally popular, cook quickly, and are used in the cuisines of many nations.

JoanN loves shrimp and mushrooms in spicy black bean oyster sauce. “I always used to order this in restaurants,” she says, “but this recipe surpasses anything I’ve ever had.” Chinese-style shrimp with scrambled eggs is a weeknight favorite of mc22, who says it’s “so easy and good and comforting!”

BeefeaterRocks is a fan of New Orleans–style barbecue shrimp, which he serves with cheese grits, while MrsCheese likes this grilled New Orleans–style shrimp with rice.

“Never would have put rosemary with shrimp until this recipe,” MrsCheese says of these grilled rosemary-garlic shrimp, “but it’s wonderful.” Also wonderful are these
lemongrass-ginger grilled shrimp, says goodeatsgal.

For a “stupid easy and fast” recipe, according to corneygirl, peel shrimp; mix yogurt, curry powder or harissa to taste, and a bit of sugar, and add shrimp; broil until done. LaLa calls these black pepper shrimp “super easy, super good.”

And a couple of hounds recommend Ina Garten’s baked shrimp scampi.

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