rworange had her first kumquat at the age of nine, which she diligently peeled, eating only the tart insides. Now, of course, she knows that you eat the whole thing—pop it into your mouth, sweet skin and all, and spit out the seeds if you like.

In addition to eating them fresh, goodhealthgourmet likes candied or stewed kumquats as a topping for yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, and even oatmeal. JMF is a fan of kumquat-infused liquor. To make it yourself, thinly slice enough kumquats to fill a Mason jar halfway, fill it to the top with vodka, let it sit for a month, then filter it. (Pro tip: This same process works with almost any fruit, from strawberries to Buddha’s hand citron.) You can then drink it as it is, or dilute it and sweeten it with sugar to make a liqueur. The infused fruit you have left over can be simmered with sugar to make preserves. Kumquats are also great sliced thin and tossed into stir-fry dishes, and make a lovely substitute for orange peel in orange-flavored beef recipes.

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